Welcome to the International Sami Film Institute's grant portal


Important information before your first login:

If you do not have an account already, you will be asked to register your phone, email, and whom you wish to apply for grants on behalf of during the login process.

If you will apply on behalf of a company, note the following:

  • The person who first creates the organization must have the authority to commit the company. This must be in accordance with key Information from the official Business Enterprises Registers.
  • For sole proprietorships, the owner is approved.
  • For AS (limited liability companies), the daily manager/CEO, chairman of the board, or the person with signature is approved.
  • The International Sami Film Institute approves the registration of the company, who then becomes the administrator for your company in our application portal. After that, the company manages it's users themselves.
  • To be able to submit an application, you must have the authority to commit the company. Those with the role of Leaders in the system have this authority.

 If you need help with the grant portal, please send an email to support@isfi.no.